Never be out of touch from your complex and always have the latest information about whats happening inside the complex.

  • Set up family or office member details so that the security staffs can always verify when your family members comes in or goes out.

  • Keep track of maintenance and pending payments and easily look up past payment records. Get notified of payment due dates.

  • Get all notices from the complex committee or any other authority related to the complex directly in the app for taking action accordingly.

  • Add list of regular and expected visitors for their easier check-in

  • Update unit status as available for rent or sale.

  • The resident directory helps to the residents of the apartments to know other residents of the complex better and have their contact details with them anytime.

  • Get monthly report of all the visitors and vehicles entry/exits and sport any suspicious and unknown visitor.

  • Participate in virtual polls and elections from anywhere without having to be present physically at the time of the poll or election.

  • Send suggestions and file complaints and follow them up with the society committee members for resolution.

  • Access frequently used vendors list added by other unit owners for services needed.