• Automate the entire CAM, maintenance invoice generation, deliver, reminder. The360 lets you configure the CAM setting like the rate of maintenance per sq. ft. and other parameters and automatically calculates and generates the invoices and mails them to the flat owners.

  • Make payment of CAM easier for the flat residents by providing them the details of outstanding and historical CAM payments right inside the community app used by the flat owners.

  • The360 makes the payment of CAM and its reconciliation a breeze thanks to the automated transfer to the Association current account, and automatically update the status on the dashboard.

  • Committee members of the RWA are able to access the CAM statements and outstanding at the click of a button from anywhere, without needing to visit the facility office.

  • The CAM automation engine from The360 make the life of the Facility manager much easier, as he can dedicate more time to other issues of the apartment complex rather than spending majority of time on the CAM process. The CAM automation engine reduces the requirement of manpower drastically.

  • Regular reminder, alerts sent to flat owners with outstanding payment. This helps in better collection of pending dues.

  • Automatically provide discounts and add late fees/penalties for non payments or delayed payments.