Time to say goodbye to your old visitor register! Here is why

Limitations of traditional visitor register!

  • Only one register at the entrance. Queue tends to get long.
  • We cannot confirm the phone number provided by the visitor is his phone number
  • Cannot search a visitor by name or a phone number.
  • Don't know if the visitor has visited earlier or how many times he has visited, and how long he has stayed during those visits.
  • Did we have a visitor in the register who actually didn't meet the person he noted in the register he'll meet?
  • Do we know if a visitor has stayed back?
  • Do we know how many visitors are inside the building, how many visitors came on a particular day?
  • Registers can be damaged, destroyed, stolen or lost. If this happens all the visitor records are lost.
  • No option for tracking barred visitors.

Modern visitor tracking

Deploy multiple The360 agents to record visitors. Lesser waiting time and no queues.

Capture first time visitor details and photo for better record keeping.

Validate phone number using OTP. This will ensure the visitor has provided a genuine phone number. Phone number is linked to an identity proof which can be tracked back by the telecom company.

Setup pre-approved visitor list for faster check-in

Add expected visitor details and send OTP to the visitor in advance for easier security check in. Personnels at the gate also knows about the expected visitors and can pull up their details instantly for verification. No need to enter details.

Send app and SMS notification to the person the visitor is going to visit. This ensures that the resident is aware that he has a visitor coming up with the details of the visitor and if visitor doesn't turns up, it can be reported to security.

Keep track of number and details of visitors who are in the complex at any moment.

Automatic SMS goes to visitors inside the building too in case of any fire or electrical emergency.

Easily check visitors earlier visit history using the smart search.

Extensive report on visitors available. Get report of the busiest days, time of the day, number of visitors over a period, detailed visit history of a visitor.

All records are stored on secure cloud and is secure even if your security guards phone is lost or breaks down.

A barred visitor list for a complex ensures the visitor cannot get into the complex and is stopped at the gate itself.

Keeping track of

Regular Visitors

Expected Visitors

New Visitors

Regular Visitors