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Discover The360 Apartment Management System


The360 is an all round community management software developed by Codelogicx. The360 is designed specifically to provide a robust solution to your gate community management problems.

This 360 system provides a one touch solution to all your Apartment management headaches.

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Unlock The360 Advantage

With a product backed by a company with over a decade worth of knowledge, a team that has been tested time and time again, you can rest assured that we have a solution to all of your problems.

The360 is equipped with top-notch features to assist your security guards such as alerts, virtual lockdown, guest verification allowing you to sleep peacefully in your abode.

Optimize your housing management by streamlining your operations with the aid of the digitalized operations management features in The360.

Manage financial transactions, record keeping, reporting, and common area management with next gen accounting technology that has been integrated in The360.

The360 product suite is equipped with products and features that prioritize residents welfare, leading to a healthier, happier and a safer community.

Handle grievances, publish notices, conduct meetings and keep track of all your official work through features designed specifically for administration.
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One gated community consists of different functional areas.

The360 is equipped with top-notch security features to ensure your safety. From a controlled access system to immediate safety assistance all at once.
Digitalized operations management in housing societies with The360 streamlines and improve various aspects of housing management.
Manage financial transactions, record keeping, reporting, and common area management with cut-edge technology that simplifies the process.
Improved efficiency, increased transparency, and better communication is the key to healthy welfare management in housing.
Treat every society member and resident fairly and equitably to handle grievances promptly and professionally.
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Take advantage of The360 ecosystem

Distinct portals for different roles in your housing complex. No more nuisance to find one effective solution. Bring accuracy to the information flow, and communication process.

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Admin app

The Admin app designed to help manage and streamline the day-to-day operations, and manage and communicate with society members.

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admin app
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Community app

The360 community app gives residents a supreme living experience in their apartments.

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community app
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Sentinel app

The Sentinel app is used by your sentries to monitor, record and track activities happening in your community.

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sentinel app
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Accountant app

The accountant app is a digital tool designed to help you maintain financial records, transactions, and budgets.

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accounting app
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Technician app

The technician app is used by maintenance staff to manage their repair and maintenance tasks, receive job assignments, and communicate with society management.

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technician app
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Clubhouse app

The360 Clubhouse application allows you to easily book and use facilities from the palm of your hands.

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clubhouse app
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Tower guard app

Track your visitors as they move around through your complex with The360 tower guard app.

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tower guard app
Why count on 'US'

The Metrics that add value to The360

10 years of data storage
10 years of data storage

The360 platform allows you to store visitor records for up to 10 years without additional charges.

Ad free platforms
Ad free platforms

The360 platform is and will be Ad free. Even the users will not receive any kind of ads in the form of push notifications also.

Data protection from third-party portals
Data protection from third-party portals

Maintain privacy on the administration ground. Create a role-based login to manage limited access.

In-person support
In-person support

The360 support executives visit your housing complex in case of any issue you are facing. Also, they provide training sessions for any problem you might face.

A true-blue ERP
A true-blue ERP

Custom fields. Rearrange, display/hide fields. Unlimited roles and permissions in web and apps. Automated Tally sync.

Role-based solutions
Role-based solutions

The360 covers the most extensive suite of apps covering every important role in your housing complex.


We Know How to Get Your Job Done

Role-based curated features that add benefits while you are working. Add more convenience to your living in a gated community.

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    Main Gate Guards
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