Bridge to Finer Communication

The360 has brought a common platform for updates from service providers. Upload and communicate at once.

field technician

Choose The360 for a clean resolution process

Streamline the entire process. Get direct updates from technicians. The residents and admins all can check from one place.

Clear requirement checklist

The technicians can provide their requirement list for a particular task. This would be available to residents and admins which can make the work less time-consuming and easy to manage.

field technician
send update

Once a task is assigned to any technician they can communicate with the resident or society manager through The360 portal.

Send requirement

The technician fraternity can also reach for the requirement to complete a task.

Empowering field technicians, streamlining operations

Improved communication, customer experience, data management, and visibility. Also, save cost and time on unnecessary connection gap.

improved productivity
Improved productivity

Getting access easily to necessary tools that streamline the workflow can lead to increased efficacy.

clearer communication
Clearer communication

Facilitating communication between technicians, dispatchers, and customers, allowing for real-time updates and better coordination through the app.

Better data tracking

Job completion times, customer feedback, and inventory levels can b easily tracked as each data can be updated regularly

lesser paperwork
Lesser paperwork

Eliminate the need for paper-based work orders and other documents, reducing the risk of lost or misplaced paperwork.

assign technician

From the database of the entire database of service providers assign the tasks directly to the technician.

avoid delay
Avoid delayed service

If any assigned technician is unavailable transfer the job easily to another technician.

Complain resolution is no more difficult

The360 is designed to cut off the difficulty level in solving the common problems of the housing society. Issue resolution is one of them. Technicians can now easily reach and streamline the entire process.


Why are we unique?

  • Data safety from third-party applications
  • Create module Assign role-wise
  • Guard activeness alert
  • OTP verification
  • Dedicated account manager


team support
  • Keep data safe from third-party app interference
  • Free training from The360 experts and easy digital helpdesk support.
24/7 real-time support.

The360 offers the highest-rated market support to its clients. We are always available for you 24 hours a day, each day of the week, including holidays.


The360 technician app helps the associated technicians in several ways like

  • To check the assigned issue tickets
  • Communicate with the facility team
  • Update about the work status
  • Stay in continuous touch
After receiving a new complaint from the residents the facility team assigns a certain technician based on the type of issue through The360 admin portal. The technician is notified through the technician app.
If any technician is assigned any issue and at that moment they are not available, the technician can communicate with the facility team to inform them. The facility team then arranges for the substitute.
The issue is assigned mentioning the proper complaint details with additional notes along with the image of the damaged area.
Yes, the technician and facility team can maintain a streak of conversation for better updates on work-in-progress.
Yes. The residents and facility team members can give ratings on the quality of the service of technicians. This helps in evaluating their efficacy further.
The gas meter checking process can be digitalized hassle-free process with The360. Residents can request gas meter checking and the facility team can assign technicians for checking.