Curate Ultimate Maintenance Experience

Step up to the ultimate upgraded housing apartment maintenance process. Keep track of every single asset to inventory items.


Manage operational areas seamlessly

No risk of mismanagement and administrative disruption. The360 operational features help to keep an exact track and record for better management. Keep all under one roof.

Asset Management

Single platform to manage all the assets of a housing complex

The360 asset management system provides overall control to keep a single view of all assets. Attributes and history maintenance of housing assets can easily be kept on track.

housing asset management
smooth accessibility

Smooth accessibility

Differentiate all the assets into different asset groups. Maintain and capture the details of complex assets like Fire Equipment, Lifts, Pumps, and more.

managing extra cost

Exclude peer pressure of managing extra cost

Maintain the service history of each asset. On-time service can preserve the assets better. Stay away from the extra cost of asset breakdown.

maintain assets

Stay prepared

Upload a future maintenance and repair schedule for all the assets.

inventory management

Create sustainable mode

Never overstock the inventory with too much stock that ultimately leads to loss.

easy tracking

Easy tracking

Know the exact date of inventory restocking and stock usage. Streamline inventory control easily.

Inventory Management

Shift to a zero wastage operation

The inventory management system must have the feature of maintaining real-time stock management to reduce wastage issues.

AMC and Renewals

Never overlook the billing dates

Asset AMC and Renewals are a huge part of maintenance. Get date reminders for any kind of payment.

billing management
#no charge

No extra charges

Missing payment on the due date of AMC can cost extra with the penalty charges. With The360 reminder and date maintainer Never miss out on any AMC and renewal date.


Pay relentlessly

One dedicated payment gateway for every payment makes the task easier with The360 AMC and Renewal feature.

maintain document

Convenience on the go

No hazards in maintaining paper documents for copy keeping. Store it in the cloud storage of The36o in-app software.

parts management

Parts management

Asset part management is easy now with The360 updated sheet of each maintenance document.

  • If any particular part is exchanged.
  • In case of Asset part expiration.
  • No chance of Breaking down.


Inform vendors from The360 in app management.

  • Send requirement list.
  • Raise Purchase orders.
  • Keep everyone up to date.
purchase orders
auto update

Auto update

Keep updated with facility-managers and vendors while raising P.O. Include everyone in the strings to keep up with all.

cost management

Better cost management

Being updated with the entire cost of purchase accountants can create budget control for the housing complex. This can ultimately result in better cost management.

Purchase Orders

Draft and raise P.O.

A customizable platform to frame and customize Purchase Orders as per your requirements. A concrete Purchase order system to maintain information flow.

housing management software

Let's customize your ideal housing management software

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