Easy-to-Use Gate Management

Equip the main gate security guards with effortless technology. Help them to be more authentic in their tasks.

main gate security guards

Sufficient technology brings competent safety

Manual errors are common. To reduce these mistakes The360 has introduced features for the main gate supervisors.

Guided UI strengthens gate security

Make gate management easier for the main gate security guards. Make their work convenient with cut-edge yet straightforward technology support.

gated community app
housing society visitor tracking
Create a digital database

Store the visitor data in the cloud database. Guards can upload here directly and admins can access it anytime.

Vehicle tracking

Any vehicle that enters the apartment premises vehicle no. is captured and stay duration is calculated.

Combine trained minds with the smart device

Guards are trained with specific skills while they lack in technical management. The360 helps to bridge the gap and upskill them with smart technology assistance.

data verification
No data forging

OTP-based data verification leaves no chance of storing fake information, for any new visitor registration.

vehicle log tracking
Digitalized vehicle entry-exit tracking

Keep separate reports for each type of vehicle entering the premises be it a visitor or commercial.

Intelligent parking management

Based on vehicle entry and exit time the parking charges are calculated automatically.

regular visitors tracking
Reduced congestion

Smart visitor check-in management reduces gate congestion. Code-based check-in for regular visitors and the barred visitor list is the feature you might be looking for.

direct contact
Direct and immediate channel

Guards can check messages from residents or associations directly from The360 sentinel app.

wrong parking management
Immediate wrong parking assistance

A solution to one of the highest facing problems in apartment complexes.

Draft an easier task solution

The main gate security guards are equipped with the most important segment of security - 'The Entrance'. Make their task easier and safer with The360.


Why are we unique?

  • Data safety from third-party applications
  • Create module. Assign role-wise
  • Guard activeness alert
  • OTP verification
  • Dedicated account manager


team support
  • Keep data safe from third-party app interference.
  • Free training from The360 experts and easy digital helpdesk support.
24/7 real-time support.

The360 offers the highest-rated market support to its clients. We are always available for you 24 hours a day, each day of the week, including holidays.


The360 ensures hassle-free gate management through

  • Digitalized visitor management
  • Checking visitor data authentication through OTP
  • Vehicle entry and exit capture
  • Parking management with auto parking fee calculation
  • Wrong parking management
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Yes, every guard is provided with a distinct portal for login. This helps to track guard attendance, alertness, and attentiveness.
For prohibiting the guards from misusing the mobile device they are provided with, the 'KIOSK' Mode is available. Once it is activated the guards can only access the Sentinel app on the device.
No, but we have plans in the future to roll out a multilingual version.
  • First of all, the guards have to put a valid visitor phone no. for OTP verification.
  • Secondly, Once they enter the data is directly stored in the cloud storage.
  • To change a certain detail of the visitor, the guards need to verify the number of the visitor first with OTP.
  • Also, if the visitor is allowed in the complex the visitor log is instantly updated in the admin portal as well.

Therefore, the security guards can only change the data on the presence of the visitor.