the360 story

Our story

The360 started its journey in the year 2018, on 26th November. The360 is an android app and cloud-based infrastructure system bought to you by Securnyx India Pvt. Ltd., an IT company working on internet and automation technologies. Amongst all the solutions previously provided by others, we found there are unaddressed problems in the solutions. We aimed to stabilize the housing complexes by eliminating these issues with cut-edge technology and digitalized

management system. Streamlining safety, security and organization have been our key focus. We find that the diligence of The360 platform can bring accuracy to the information flow, and communication process among the residents along with security guards. This 360-degree process would ultimately interpret into resolutions to the most pressing problems of the housing societies.

Our Journey So Far

Our Journey


The Guard Intel app launch. The idea of 360-degree Security turned into The360 later in 2018.

26th November 2018

The360 launched first, in one of Kolkata's housing complexes.

Our Journey#
Our Journey


The360 was selected for the 2019 NASSCOM 10,000 Startups Virtual program from the Kolkata hub.


Selected among 100 start-ups by the Indian Government and Amazon

Our Journey
Our Journey


Launched in Bhubaneswar


All-set to launch in South Africa

Our Journey

Meet the Founder

Our Founder

Amitabh Roy

Founder of The360

The360 is the second venture of the founder as our mother company Codelogicx Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has been the prior foundation of the Mr. Amitabh Roy. He has contributed noticeably to multiple projects for large US-based companies.

The founder and director are focused on delivering change by building a fundamental and progressive team for the development of The360. From its onset, 8 years ago, to the present day, his imprint and influence in the industry are evident and firm.

Meet the team

The360 has been able to be top-notch in its platform. The efficient, goal-oriented, versatile, and multi-tasker team is the reason behind the success. Their subtle and exquisite approach has made The360 precise and exclusive. We believe with the dynamic team and their support The360 would reach strike hard with its success.

the360 team