Connecting all your Sentries throughout the apartment complex

Enable easier communication between main gate guards and individual tower guards allowing for a safer apartment complex.

tower security guards

One platform connects the entire squad

Once the visitor enters the apartment campus mentioning a block sends an alert to the designated guard responsible for that block.

Be quick to avoid any safety default

If any visitor does not reach the predefined tower at the main gate security, the tower guards can initiate necessary measures.

tower security guards
security guard connections
Streamlined information flow

Maintain seamless connection amongst all security guard. Reach any guard at any corner of your society at any time.

Clear communication

An integrated platform to keep every guard under one system for better contact.

Security reassured to safeguard unit

To enhance the safety of the residential apartments the towers are secured with proper guards. The360 helps the tower guards to maintain their domain accurately.

Reduce communication gap

Make sure no visitor can trespass. Keep tower guards and main gate guards internally connected with the tower guard app.

better visibility
Better visibility

A list of visitors separately for tower wise would provide an easier and better insight every day.

Retrieve data easily

Maintaining data individually for each tower makes the process easy if you need any information urgently.

monitor unusual visit
Monitor unusual visit

A separate list for revisitors makes it easier to identify unusual visits.

authorized access
No unauthorized access

The main gate guards inform specific tower guards about upcoming visitors. If the guards are not notified no visitor would be allowed for the tower.

Dual authorization

After the visitor authorization at the main gate, reassure the visitor entry details before entering the unit area.

No visitor mismanagement

Visitor tracking is a difficult task especially when the visitor can potentially visit various places. Keeping your guards upto date with their current location is of utmost importance.


Why are we unique?

  • Data safety from third-party applications
  • Create module. Assign role-wise
  • Guard activeness alert
  • OTP verification
  • Dedicated account manager


team support
  • Keep data safe from third-party app interference.
  • Free training from The360 experts and easy digital helpdesk support.
24/7 real-time support.

The360 offers the highest-rated market support to its clients. We are always available for you 24 hours a day, each day of the week, including holidays.


The sentinel/ main gate guard app and tower guard app are totally for different purposes.

  • The sentinel app is built for the main gate guards. The tower guard app is for each guard placed at an individual tower of the housing society.
  • The Tower guard app connects with the Sentinel app to notify or to get information from the main gate guards.
  • The sentinel app sends visitor information to the specific tower guard the visitor would come up to.
If a visitor enters from the main the sentinel guard app sends a notification for the same to the tower guards. If the visitor does not reach the mentioned flat within a certain then the tower guards can notify the main gate guard through the app.
The sentinel app and tower guard app are internally connected. After the visitor is entered through the sentinel app then a notification is sent to the specific tower guard app about the upcoming visitor. While leaving the particular tower the visitor also needs to update their check out to the tower guard.
If your resident complex does not cover up with tower guards then you are directly connected with the sentinel guards and get notification from the main gate guards directly.
No, but we have plans in the future to roll out a multilingual version.
Yes. As the app is connected with the sentinel app and visitor data is auto-synced therefore, the app is always updated with the current visitor number inside the tower/block.