Convenient Accounting with Easy Features

Maintaining the accounts of thousands of residents is certainly a job of great difficulty. The360 convenient accounting features have made it simple.


100% automated Common Area Management

Ready-made formulae, automatic due bills raising, invoice generation to accounting book maintenance get all under one platform.

Automated CAM

Easy time management with automated CAM

The360 lets you configure the CAM setting like the rate of maintenance per sq. ft. and other parameters and automatically calculates and generates the invoices and mails them to the flat owners.

automated CAM
reduce manpower

Reduce manpower

No more suffering from excess manpower in your housing office. Automated CAM manages it all with its in-built formulae. Even reduce dependency for the CAM management on the staff.

exclude manual error

Exclude manual error

CAM management is a huge task. Unwanted errors do take place while working for a bulk system. Automation helps in avoiding these mistakes.

time saving


Dedicate more time to other issues of the apartment complex rather than spending the majority of time on the CAM process.

expense tracking
budget planning

Budget planning

Generate an expense report for the entire financial year. It can help in planning a budget-friendly association.

expense reduction

Expense reduction

Check the extra costs for the month or year in your housing complex. Plan accordingly which helps in cutting down unnecessary expenses.


Track society expenditures anytime

Various expenses occur monthly and yearly in a housing complex. Track it with a reasonable financial report.


Generate Automated Bulk Invoices

For any payment from the residents generate invoices. A bunch of invoices are also generated automatically just before the due date of payment and sent to the residents.

generate invoice
less concern

Less concern

Generating manual invoices and sending them to thousands of residents would no matter what bring in manual errors. The360 has the solution to lessen your headache in one go.

instant invoice

No missed invoice

If any resident asks for an invoice generate it instantly and hand it over.


Fewer hazards

Lower the paper stack, the fewer hazards of misplacement. Digital invoices keep all on track.

debt tracking

Easy Debt Tracking

Take and store the debit notes in The360 accounting platform. Keep in knowledge of the exact amount of debt obligations to the seller and pay them the proper amount.

credit notes

Take Credit notes

An issue credit note to the seller if any order is misplaced, damaged, returned, or rejected. Use it while paying for the order and adjust the cost without any hazards.

gas bill payment
automated bill

Generate automate bills

Based on the set due date and depending on the usage of each resident distinct bills are generated and sent to them automatically.

pay online

Pay online

The residents have no need to visit the facility-manager's office to pay the bills. They can pay through The360 application with their choice of Integrated payment gateway.

Automated Pipeline gas bills

Online Gas bill payment

Checking the gas usage of each household and sending invoices for payment manually is such a pain point. Even the residents face problems paying it by visiting the office. The360 has the entire solution for this.

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