Prioritize Your Housing Security Management

Securing everyday living is the prime concern of housing societies. The promising features of The360 provide the best apartment security management

apartment security management

Technology built Housing Security Management

From your unit to the central entrance system keep every aspect protected. Bring everything under watch 24/7 with automation processes. Build up a perfect apartment security management.

Digital Visitor Management

Centralized platform to manage different visitors

Streamline the visitor management system for apartments with Digital visitor management. Maintain gated security management error freely.

apartment visitor management
regular visior

Regular visitor

No more long queues of visitors. The regular visitors just need to provide their code for daily entry.



No more check-in waiting at the gate for guests. Generate a code and provide it both to the security guard and guests. While checking in just match it and enter.



Create a separate database of delivery from various sources.

Parking Management

Eliminate the risk of guard inattentiveness

Manage chaos-free parking in your housing complex with several benefits.

housing parking management
Automated charges calculation

Automated charges calculation

Auto calculates parking fees based on the entry and exit of the vehicle.

Parking area management

Parking area management

Save time without any confusion about a parking spot. Check the empty spot instantly and allot it for any visitor.

Better visibility

Better visibility

Filter the vehicle types easily from the app. Ease your work by 100% with instant and accurate vehicle and parking information.

Security fire alarm

Assured assistance reliability on fire emergency

The technology-enabled one-tap fire alarm system is a must-have feature for any housing complex. Just press the fire alarm button and report, and immediate help will reach you.

  • Rapid fire situation management with instant notification.
  • A Irrespective of the location, residents would be notified.
  • Automated Fire Service with pre-configured with the local fire brigade number.
assured assistance
Staff Management

Domestic Staff Management

Domestic helpers visit several apartments regularly. Manage all the routined staff digitally.

  • The staff management system gets entry and exit real-time notifications.
  • Validate and record domestic helper check-in and check-out.
  • Process payroll bas ,med on the attendance report.
guard alertness monitoring

Guard Alertness Monitoring

Monitor 24/7 guard alertness to be aware of proper guard activity and attentiveness.

  • Confirmation of guard alertness with a text challenge sent to their phone.
  • Completing this task would notify the backend team about their alertness.
  • Customize it on a security personnel basis.
Guard Patrolling

Track Guard patrolling for determining protection

Guard Patrolling System is included to ensure that the guards are not sitting still just covering one area of the apartment complex. They need to scan the QR codes installed inside the complex as per predefined routes.

  • Geo-tagged checkpoints ensure guards patrolling following trails.
  • Customize to Choose and set patrol timing and routes.
  • Keep track of patrol timing along with real-time updates for violations.
guard patrolling
vehicle management
check details

Check details anytime

Once the vehicle is registered locate the exact point the vehicle has been parked. Note the entry purpose of the vehicle as well.

vehicle tracking

Vehicle tracking app

The feature is solely dedicated to tracking and updating vehicles that are inside the apartment complex to reduce security violence.

Vehicle Management

Eminent apartment vehicle management

The360 Vehicle monitoring system keeps exact entry and exit timing on track. Automated vehicle no. capturing process makes it the best vehicle tracker.

housing management software

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