Automation Makes Accounting Uncomplicated

The360 has introduced features that can competently help accountants to manage complex accounting tasks.

housing account manager

Maintain transparency with shared detail keeping space

Provide transparency to every money matter in your housing complex. Keep the file open to each society administrator.

Added skills save time

Manual processes always consume more time. The added technical skills make the work less time-consuming and pave the way more toward perfection.

app for housing account manager
raise invoice
Raise invoice

For the common payments of your housing societies, a bulk invoice is generated and sent to the residents automatically. Also, any extra charges and adjustments are done based on in-built formulae.

Check dues

The360 accounting portal keeps it simple for you. Check partly paid and dues along with total dues just right in the app.

No more time crunch by increasing 100% productivity

Automate the accounting process that can help in easily managing financial transactions and records.

enhanced accuracy
Enhanced accuracy

Pre-configured formulas ease and automate the calculation process.

financial visibility
Financial visibility

Accounting apps can provide real-time insights into a financial performance that can improve resource allocation and investments.

Financial security

Accounting apps can help ensure that financial data is stored securely and protected from unauthorized access or theft.

flexible access
Flexible access

Accounting apps can help ensure that financial data is stored securely and protected from unauthorized access or theft.

collaborate easily
Collaborate easily

Instant report generation helps in collaborating with other departments of different processes.

automated invoicing
Automated invoicing

Generating invoices for thousands of residents on different accounting heads manually is hectic. Automate it with an advanced accounting solution.

Accounting is no more complex

Simple features can make the whole accounting segment easier to handle. The360 has brought every possible solution under one module to keep your work convenient.


Why are we unique?

  • Data safety from third-party applications
  • Create module. Assign role-wise
  • Guard activeness alert
  • OTP verification
  • Dedicated account manager


team support
  • Save more, spend sensibly
  • Free training from The360 experts and easy digital helpdesk support.
24/7 real-time support.

The360 offers the highest-rated market support to its clients. We are always available for you 24 hours a day, each day of the week, including holidays.


As accounting is a complex task due to several processes and calculations, The360 automated the entire system for simplification of accounting.
Yes, a huge time can be saved with The360 CAM invoicing process. To generate invoices, the accountant does not need to calculate each time. The in-built formulae can help in process automation and generate a huge number of invoices at a time. Generate maintenance invoices, bulk invoices, and gas invoices through an automated process.
Calculate, raise and send invoices through The360 accounting app. Configure the CAM settings like setting maintenance fees per square ft., and other parameters to automate the calculation and invoice sending processes. Send invoices and reminders directly to the residents in a bulk and eliminate the hassle of the manual process.
The360 budget maintenance sheet provides the facility of tracking and recording income and expenditure. The detailed reports help to keep a budget-friendly housing accounting maintenance.
Yes, the accountant app gives them the flexibility to manage accounts from anywhere.
Yes, The360 provides a separate app only for society accountants to keep their tasks hassle-free and time-saving.