The360 cloud platform can be used by both the owners and committee members of the Resident Welfare Association to manage their day-to-day activities.

Easy onboarding link

The easy on-boarding link provides a convenient customized link which can be shared with the apartment members, who will use this link to go to a secure page to set up their account. This will automatically add them to the complex. The apartments can then use the same login details to login to the community app. No more manually adding details.

Unit owners and tenants

Manage and verify the list of unit owners and their family on the platform. Add, modify tenants details.

Pre-authorized visitors

Review all the pre-authorized visitors list to the complex and the flat and units they are authorized for.

Vehicle log

All vehicles visiting the complex are automatically captured in the system for record. If you have paid parking then the parking charge is automatically calculated at the time of check out.

Incident logs

Any incident like theft, fire, burglary, crime etc can be captured in the Securnyx system and the details of the incident can be reviewed with other information like action taken, when the police, fire brigade pr ambulance came etc.

Property details

Manage all details of the complex from here. Create and review the wings/blocks, floors, privacy settings from here.

Guards and Sentinel app logins

Add guards and their KYC details. Create their Sentinel app logins. Guards deployed at gates will use the sentinel app after logging in using these credentials to capture visitor details.

Visitor log

See details of all the visitors visiting the complex, their entry/exit time, unit they went to. You can filter visitor and see all his past visits. You can also filter visitors by units/flats and date range.

Missed alert logs

Always get to know if your guard was sleeping or was unresponsive when the Sentinel app did the regular check for the guard alertness at night. If a guard misses to confirm the alertness verification on the Sentinel app, the system records the inactive guard status and can alert a pre-designated person.

Service Providers

Review the list of recommended and frequent service providers to the complex and review their feedback.


Collect maintenance charges bills online and make it hassle-free. Review every detail like charge's amount, dues, and advances. The entire process of maintenance invoice generation, delivery, and reminder are automated.

Parking space

Set up parking lots and assign them to the unit owners. Review which parking lots are unassigned and which are vacant.

Facility booking

List the facilities and amenities available to apartment owners on pre-booking basis like community halls, guest car parking etc. Set the price for booking based on time/duration of use or other parameters.


Review and take action and update the complaints submitted by apartment owners. See details of all the communication exchanges for a complaint. View all past complaints. The complaint reports automatically gets all the notifications and updates on the Community app whenever there is any activity on the complaint.

Email and SMS notifications

Send out bulk Email and SMS notifications to all the committee members or the apartment owners. Send meeting notices, meeting updates and general notice to committee members or all apartment owners. All the sent communications are available for record.