Customer App

The Securnyx360 Owner app helps to manage all your activities related to your home and apartment complex.

Visitor alert

Get alert when there is a visitor at the gate. The Owner app shows the visitor profile picture, and and other details so that you are prepared in advance.

Add regular visitors

You may have daily visitors to your flat, maybe the maid, the physiotherapist, the kids teachers. To save time during check in to the flat, you can add them to the list of pre-approved visitors from your app. This assigns them a unique code with the phone number which they can use to quickly check-in to the complex.

Create virtual Id

Create virtual ID badges for your family members, this helps the newly joined security guard to verify that the person entering the complex is not a visitor but a resident of the complex.

Dual verification of visitor entry

Dual verification of visitor reaching the intended destination is done using a combination of owner verifying the visitor has reached his unit. If a visitors checks into the apartment but doesn't go to the flat specified at the time of check-in, customer can trigger visitor not reached notification which will send notification to the Security guards to find the visitor.

Add expected visitors

Add single or multiple expected visitors and send them a QR code or a passcode to be shown at the gate. This enables the visitors to do faster check-in and can avoid typing in name and other details.

Emergency alarm

An easily accessible panic button ensures the guards and your neighbors can be notified immediately in case of an emergency or accident.

Virtual lock down

The360 lets you stop visitors right at the gates if you want. You can the availability mode of the flat to.

Full access

Security guards lets anyone in to go to your flat after the visitor checks in.

Regular and pre-scheduled

SOnly regular and pre-scheduled visitors will allowed into the flat after check-in.

No access

Security guard will stop anyone from going to the flat at the time of visitor check-in.

Manage multiple property with a single login

An owner may have multiple flats in multiple residential complexes. If those complexes have The360, the flat owner can access the details of their flats in multiple complexes using a single login.

Visitor report

Get monthly or weekly reports of visitors to your flat are unit. This way you are always informed who came to your flat, even if you were away.

Facility booking

Users can now book facilities and amenities provided by the society like community hall, open space for out door functions for their own purpose. Comittee members review the booking request and approves the request. The approval notification comes right in the app.


View maintenance bills both outstanding and paid.

community app

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Owners can create new complaints, issues which are sent to the Resident welfare association members for action. Owner gets notification from committee members on actions being taken to resolve the issue.

Service providers database

No more repeated whatsapping or messaging requesting reference for electrician and other service providers. With community maintained list of service providers for the apartment complex you have all the details at your finger tips.

Vehicle movement notifications

Get notified when your vehicle comes in or goes out. Set to always/specific time period say at night or none

Complex society notifications

Get notices & Circulars, meetings reminders, urgent SMS and email broadcast from Resident welfare association. Participate in survey and polls.

Tenant details

Add your tenant details to the system so they can easily integrate into the apartment complex security system.

Important info

A list of important information maintained by the committee members for the apartment owners for ready reference.