A Guard Tour Monitoring System - How It Works?

The360’s security guard patrolling system is an effective way of tracking guards’ activities in your apartment complex. The security guard tour system helps flat owners and security guards take all information regarding guard patrolling such as login time of the guards, patrolling location, interval time, and so on. You can get a complete real-time guard patrolling report with this guard tour system.

Send buzzes to the guards at random intervals between certain hours at night to keep them alert.

Guards need to enter an alert code into the app to confirm that they are alert.

On failing to enter the alertness code the system records that the guard was unresponsive at that period of time. It sends notifications to the other guards for the same complex to alert the unresponsive guard.

Complex owners can view the alertness record logs in the cloud control panel and can take action based on their preference.

The securnyx alertness rating of a guard gives a score to the guard which indicates how likely he is going to sleep

The interval of the alertness monitoring alarm can be custom configured to generate an minimum and maximum number of alert buzzes per hour.